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Moments of Magic
Moments of Magic® with Shep Hyken
In this webinar, Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE, will explain why satisfying customers is no longer good enough.
OnDemand Webinar & DVD - $168
OnDemand Webinar Only - $99
Webinar DVD Only - $99

How to Become a Copywriting Stud!
How to Become a Copywriting Stud! by Randy Gage
Become one of the world's highest paid copywriters! This powerful copywriting manual takes you through all of the exact skills you need to become a world-class copywriter.
Book & PDF Download - $197
PDF Download Only - $177


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7 Skills of a Successful Sales Person
Today’s customers are well-informed. They have the power to get information at their fingertips. You will learn actionable ideas to use immediately on your next call to open the door and establish a rapport. As professional sales representatives, we need to help our customers buy...
Our price: $99

7 Surprising Ways to Supercharge Your Direct Mail Letter/Email Response
Learn how business to business and business to consumer marketers can double or triple their direct mail letter and email response rates. Direct mail and email can be very profitable as they can be the most cost effective and fastest ways to generate leads and increase sales. B...
Our price: $99.00

Advanced Minute Taking
Perfect your skills and advance your career with dynamic tips and techniques that go beyond the basics of minute-taking. Recording meeting minutes is a skill that administrative professionals can develop to help them stand out from the crowd and excel to their highest potential....
Our price: $99

Analyzing Sales Data to Improve Outcomes
In the past, the analysis of sales data has been limited to measurements of closed sales as compared to the cost of sales resources. But sales is a process. And like any process, it has inputs, an engine, and outcomes. The sales process generates a wide range of data as your sale...
Our price: $99

Applying a New Set of Metrics to Deliver Best Service for Customers
From this on-demand webinar you will understand some of the secrets behind Amazon's® success along with other best service leaders such as Fiserv's CheckFree® division and T-Mobile®. You will also learn how to design and apply a new set ...
Our price: $99

Become Your Boss' Most Valuable Asset
Do you aspire to be a most valuable asset not only for your boss but for your company? Though not a common term, it’s similar to most valuable player and if you don’t aspire and see yourself that way in today’s work environment, you are missing out; undermining both your career a...
Our price: $99

Best Practices for Successful Event Planning
In many organizations across the globe administrative professionals are being tasked with the job function of event planning without having any professional training. This can lead to poorly run and ineffective meetings, as well as job frustration. This on-demand webinar will gui...
Our price: $99

Best Practices of WINNING Team Selling
Team selling occurs anytime there is more than one person on a sales interview. It can be a formal “dog-and-pony show” or a casual conversation. There are many advantages to team selling. However, the chances of making a fatal mistake in a team-selling situation increase exponent...
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Boot Camp for QuickBooks® by Lorman Education Services
In this on-demand webinar discover all that QuickBooks® can do and solve your toughest QuickBooks® problems by spending time with a nationally renowned QuickBooks® expert who can answer all your questions. Learn the foundation of QuickBooks® th...
Our price: $199

Bringing Insight Selling to the Complex Sale: How to Tell a Convincing Story
The landscape of selling has changed. With buyers who are more educated - and more skeptical - than ever before, executives are searching for new ways to innovate, compete, and connect with buyers to close complex sales. Enter insight selling. Through insight selling, sellers ca...
Our price: $99