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Moments of MagicŪ

Moments of Magic®

How to Create an Amazing Customer Experience

Shep Hyken’s program is about creating Moments of Magic® for your customers. The focus will be on giving excellent service and creating loyalty. Customer service is not a department.  It is a philosophy to be embraced by everyone within an organization, regardless of his or her responsibility.  From the executive offices to the most recently hired, from the sales force to the call center - customer service is everyone's job.  It's about building a relationship with people you work with and people you do business with.

In this webinar, Shep will start the concept of why satisfying customers is no longer good enough. That sets the stage for understanding how to deliver a Moment of Magic®, which is a positive, above-average interaction you have with your customers. So, all of that is the “why.” The “how to” comes in the form of a list of ten strategies that you will be able to implement immediately. These are common sense strategies, that unfortunately, aren’t always so common.

  • Learn why satisfying customers is not a good strategy.
  • Understand that every interaction you have with a customer (internal or external) goes one of three ways.  It can be a Moment of Misery™, Moment of Mediocrity™, or a Moment of Magic®.
  • Simple and common sense strategies that anyone can do to create an amazing customer service experience.

So sit at your desk, or in a conference room with your colleagues. You will walk away with ideas that you can use immediately to start building loyal relationships and delivering amazing customer service experiences to your customers. In today’s competitive environment it is not about just meeting expectations, it is about exceeding them!


Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE is a speaker and best selling author who works with companies and organizations who want to build loyal relationships with their customers and employees. His articles have been read in hundreds of publications, and he is the author of Moments of Magic, The Loyal Customer and the Wall Street Journaland USA Today bestsellers, The Cult of the Customer and The Amazement Revolution, which was also recognized as a New York Times bestseller.